2020: Real Life Heroes

Raft in water with rescue team and civilians

What do you call a person who runs towards danger to save others? Who is undaunted by disease, famine, drought, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, locusts, conflict zones—and now the COVID-19 pandemic?

Would you call that person a hero?

We would, too.

The Real Stories of #RealLifeHeroes

Around the world, many people have grown up with local stories of fictional heroes, from folktales to fantasy epics. Humanitarians didn’t appear in those stories, but this year we bring these unsung heroic stories to life. Featuring the work of writer Arvid Nelson and artists Amber L Jones, Jose Pimienta, Isip Xin, Tom Reilly and Jenis Littles and letterer Nate Piekos, each comic highlights one real-life humanitarian hero.


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